Bad Things That Happen Without Web Monitoring Software

Today, most businesses rely on having fairly unrestricted access to the Internet as a tool in bottom-line productivity. Without balancing that unrestricted access with the use of web monitoring software for employee computer and network users, the bottom line benefits to open access quickly erode. Here are some of the things that can happen without web monitoring and filtering software that lead to costs that outweigh the benefits of open access.

Web monitoring software for your business is actually about safeguarding your network, assets, investment and reputation. One of the chief ways that businesses can get burned without web monitoring software is by having a compromised network where data loss will likely occur.

When employees access compromised sites or download infected files, they can compromise the network and put proprietary data at risk. Even one computer that is infected with malware, toolbars, adware, and other “add-ons” can spread throughout the network and cause system instability. Once inside a network, worms can spread fast, and that one user’s misstep on the web impacts everyone and the daily operations of the business. The cost in time and money to get things back on track is always more than any business wants to expend.

Inappropriate use of e-mail, the web, IM and other Internet programs can have serious legal and financial implications for companies while also eroding a well-honed public and private image. Internal circulation of inappropriate emails can lead to harassment lawsuits that legally define the workplace as “hostile” to the offended employee.

This can affect the ability to attract key employees even after the situation has been resolved. The problem can have even further reaching financial implications for those inappropriate communications to entities or people outside of the company.

The stakes can also be high for unlawfully transmitted intellectual property, which can cost a company sums large enough to cause the shuttering of the business. Web monitoring software can report on users’ Internet activities in aggregate or specific detail to help businesses avoid all of these issues while helping employees avoid common mistakes that lead to big problems.

In an age of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), these dangers have a far greater potential with equal or even greater financial repercussions. With large numbers of employees accessing and using network applications remotely, having adequate bandwidth available is a constant challenge.

When employees utilize that bandwidth for non-work related use, it can and does limit a costly asset in terms of bandwidth availability. Not only does this lead to inadvertent purchase of additional bandwidth capability, it compromises worker productivity.

Both of these can negatively impact the bottom line without the ability to monitor and control bandwidth allocation and use. Internet monitoring software can ensure that critical applications have enough bandwidth to function while also providing user-level and group-level Internet monitoring, filtering and control.

Having Internet access as unrestricted as possible can have a big impact on increasing worker productivity and the bottom line. Without sophisticated Internet monitoring software, companies, institutions and organizations will severely limit that access or fail to apply highly sensitive precautionary controls that will have profound financial repercussions. In addition, they can do irreparable damage to reputations that can cripple a business or organization.

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