Pearl Software Releases NIST Guide for its Cybersecurity Products

Pearl Software adds support for administrators who are responsible for aligning cybersecurity policy with product capabilities.

Philadelphia, PA – December 8, 2016.  Pearl Software’s new NIST Guide provides organization policymakers with a road-map for satisfying portions of the Protect, Detect and Respond Functions of the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. The Pearl Software NIST Guide fully supports an administrator’s efforts in documenting their cyber security policy. The NIST Framework helps organizations align their cybersecurity activities with their business requirements, risk tolerances and resources. The Pearl Software NIST Guide provides a tool to match Pearl Software’s cyber security product capabilities to NIST Framework categories.

“One of the fastest growing segments of cybercrime involves the buying and selling of intellectual property – a company’s new product designs, proprietary financial information, practices and procedures,” said Pearl Software President, David Fertell. “An increasing percentage of valuable corporate data is being electronically siphoned and sold to the competition as well as to bad actors.” Pearl Software’s Internet monitor and filter products provide visualization of corporate e-communications, helping stake-holders eliminate the insider threat. The NIST Framework enables organizations to apply the principles and best practices of risk management to improving the security and resiliency of their critical infrastructure. “Pearl Software’s products are developed to assist organizations that are pursuing a policy of proactive cybersecurity. We created the Pearl Software NIST Guide to help customers align NIST Framework categories with Pearl Software’s product capabilities,” added Fertell.

Pearl Software protects data-in-motion through settings defined to govern the Internet access permissions of users. Specific cybersecurity privileges can be applied to individual users, groups of users or computers. Pearl’s products will identify when specific content is transmitted in various segments of the Internet and will highlight or block transactions containing patterns defined for the user. Pearl Software’s products will examine attachments in real-time and provide full analysis of clear and encrypted data prior to it becoming data-in-motion.

The Pearl Software NIST Guide, with a complete list of Framework Categories addressed by Pearl Software’s Internet monitor and filter products, is available on the Pearl Software website.

About Pearl Software

Pearl Software of Exton, PA, was founded in 1996 and is a leader in the development of patented Internet monitoring and web filtering software that is used by companies, government agencies, schools, hospitals and other public and private entities around the world. Its products are designed to provide network administrators with tools to monitor employee Internet usage and protect their networks from internal and external threats.  For additional news on Pearl, please visit


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