Top 5 Top Cyber Security Predictions for 2019

2017 was the biggest year of cyber security threats in history, and it’s only increased from then. There’s been data destruction, embezzlement, intellectual property theft, personal and financial data theft, and the list goes on. This is why it’s important to stay on top of the current trends and be ready for the cyber security issues to come for 2019. Here’s what will probably happen to make sure security is up to snuff.

Million-Dollar Data Breach Fines

Think about Facebook and Uber, both underwent serious cyber security concerns. They ended up not only needed to pay exorbitant fines, but having to rebrand a bit. These million-dollar data breach fines can only grow higher as security issues climb. Companies may even lose billions just ignoring the need for internet monitoring software. Many businesses use Skype monitoring to maintain control over what their employees are doing.

Tougher Regulations

New laws are falling into place. So many customers have their information and data available to be seized from other companies who store their information in computers. These laws are meant to protect consumers. As regulations get stronger the rest of the world will follow suit and update laws for data protection.

Machines Attacking Humans

Machines will probably be used to attack other people. Of course, the machines will be used by other humans, but they will engage online to directly impact people. Cyberattacks are no joke, and with the strength of computing power,  it can get messy.

Governmental Cyber Offense

Make no mistake, governments know what they are doing when it comes to cyber warfare and they are preparing. They will be on the offensive, ready to fight back. No one wants to be the one who can’t fight a cyber threat. 

Emails Causing Data Breaches

Email and other privileges are still the main cause of data breaches. People breaking past security and reaching information they shouldn’t have access to thanks to tricky emails letting them bypass security controls. That’s why it’s good that Skype business monitoring is being utilized more and more to help keep that high risk information and privileges locked up.

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