4 Reasons to Monitor Internet Usage Within Your Organization

Learn about the benefits of monitoring employee internet usage. See how you can save your business both time and money.


When a business requires their employees to have open internet access, it’s necessary for them to monitor that usage closely. If they’re lax about this situation, then it can lead to them not having proper control over their employees.


Malware is when a virus enters a network. They don’t just worm their way in, they piggyback on users of the network. They could have downloaded files or opened webpages that allow the infection in. That’s why internet monitoring software is so integral to a business. It can keep track of who accesses what in order to take corrective action.


Employees need to know that their internet usage is being monitored to ensure compliance. Known observation of employee actions are the best way to make sure employees comply with the rules and protect your network.  There is a clear difference between Big Brother watching and the need for Corporate Governance.


It can seem a little totalitarian to be threatening the constant watch of employees, but it isn’t. This is because employee monitoring can increase their overall productivity. Often, businesses employ web filtering software as well to make sure certain websites aren’t accessed like social media or news. Making sure employees have to focus on their job means they do their job well.

Having chats and communication monitored as well makes sure employees don’t goof around or misuse their equipment. They should be using their systems to communicate about their work and issues pertaining to it. Otherwise, they could be emailing each other about co-workers or distracting themselves.


Giving everyone access to the internet can lead to potential bandwidth issues. There can be complaints of slow response time, and requests for increased bandwidth. This can be quite expensive. Monitoring internet usage can show which users used the most bandwidth and for what reasons. If it turns out they were using the internet incorrectly, those actions can be corrected and save on costs.


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