Pearl Software Releases HTTPSafety.Check™ to Safeguard Cybersecurity Policy During Web Access

New Web Filter Technology tests encryption strength, ensuring a safer browser experience.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 02, 2017

Pearl Software, the creator of real-time, mobile Internet cybersecurity has released HTTPSafety.Check as part of its web filtering platform. A vast number of web servers that offer weak encryption are vulnerable to attack making protected data transfer susceptible to prying eyes. Pearl Echo’s HTTPSafety.Check blocks sites that don’t maintain a current and strong level of encryption, ensuring a safer browser experience.

“Not all secure sites are created equal,” said Pearl Software CTO, Joe Field. “When a browser and a web server negotiate a secure (HTTPS) connection, the two endpoints will exchange a security protocol or do a ‘downgrade dance’. In the first iteration, the most secure protocol supported by the browser is offered. If this fails, a weaker protocol is offered by the browser until a common protocol can be established. This mechanism is designed for the sake of interoperability.” HTTPSafety.Check keeps the downgrade dance from degrading the security to a level that exposes the user to a site that is vulnerable to an attack.

HTTPS negotiation happens behind the scenes. The typical user is comforted by seeing a safety lock in the browser address bar but, in reality, has no indication of the site’s level of security. HTTPSafety.Check reduces the likelihood that a user will have access to a secure site that may have been compromised. Since Pearl’s web filter solutions have never been a one-size-fits-all approach, the ability to override a blocked HTTPS site has been built into the HTTPSafety.Check solution.

Pearl’s web filtering software provides a host of cybersecurity controls that can be finely tuned to an organization’s specific needs. Custom controls, allow and block lists, linguistics, URL filters, bandwidth, time controls and HTTPSafety.Check can all be used simultaneously and in concert with one another.

About Pearl Software

Pearl Software of Exton, PA, was founded in 1996 and is a leader in the development of patented Internet monitoring and web filtering software that is used by companies, government agencies, schools, hospitals and other public and private entities around the world. Its cybersecurity products are designed to monitor employee Internet usage and protect networks from internal and external threats. For additional news on Pearl Software including a complete list of features new to Pearl Echo Version 12, please visit


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